Figuring the dollar value of fodder and pods
Focusing on quality food — and life
Catching up with some innovators
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Graze magazine is devoted to management-intensive rotational grazing and family-scale livestock farms. Every issue is packed with ideas from real grazing farmers and ranchers who make their livings from the land. If you like the sample articles on this site, order a subscription and/or back issues to see more.

In the latest issue

May 2022

  • Three grazing and marketing innovators tell what they’ve learned the past few years.
  • The Graze advisors have different ways of getting through the times when spring grass turns to seedheads.
  • Gabe Brown and Dr. Allen Williams launch Regenified as big companies start searching for regeneratively grown foods.
  • The Grassfed organic forum graziers have some interesting ways of raising dairy calves without grain.

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