Graze  is a print magazine devoted to management-intensive rotational grazing and family-scale livestock farms. Every issue is packed with ideas from real grazing farmers and ranchers who make their livings from the land. If you like the sample articles on this site, order a subscription and/or back issues to see more.

In the latest issue

October 2020

  • Instead of expanding their Illinois herd to bring in a new generation, the Kilgus family chose to start processing and selling milk. Years later, they’re happy with the choice.
  • Janet McNally discusses ways to deal with a livestock guardian dog that isn’t staying with its flock or herd.
  • Cheryl and Marc Cesario saved an hour of daily labor by moving their sheep in to graze with the cattle. Here’s what they’ve learned.
  • Grassfed/organic dairy producers describe what they want in a cow. The views vary quite a bit.

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