A wholesale option for marketers

Bone-In Food aims to get good food to more people

By Martha Hoffman Kerestes

Hillsborough Twnshp, New Jersey – Demand for alternative foods may be growing rapidly, but not all producers of such foods are capable of selling everything they produce on their own.

For those sorts of people in this part of the world, Bone-In Food is providing a premium wholesale outlet. Farmer and direct-marketer John Lima sells up to 10% of his production through Bone-In.

“I think what they’re doing is great,” John says. “They’re reaching out to a lot more people who normally wouldn’t come to our place. For instance, a lot of older people who don’t have the ways and means to come to our store.”

For founder Ron Mirante, Bone-In Food is a way of fulfilling his long-term goal of getting wholesome food into the hands of busy people who want to eat well. For some 40 farmers, Bone-In offers another market opportunity outside of current direct or wholesale channels at better-than-wholesale prices.

“I’ve always wanted to contribute,” Ron explains. “I had a hard time working just to make money. I wanted to be more involved in the growth and progression of a better future.”

All Bone-In suppliers follow “organic-like” practices, although some are not certified. All animals for meat, dairy and eggs are pastured, and most beef and dairy cattle are 100% grassfed.

To see this article in full, order the specific back issue you are interested in. This article appeared in the January 2024 issue of Graze.