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Allen Williams

The future of grassfed: Laying out the promise and challenges

By Dr. Allen Williams The U.S. grassfed market has grown significantly over the past 15 years. According to data compiled by the Wallace Center of the Winrock Foundation, retail sales of domestically produced grassfed beef were less than $5 million in 1998, with only about 100 beef producers actively involved in grassfed beef production. By […]

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Big frames, big grass-finished flavor

Baldwin Charolais beef doesn’t require fat to produce quality by Mike Hillerbrand Yanceyville, North Carolina — Most of the buzz in grass-finished beef circles today is about the benefits of small frame sizes, English genetics and marbling ability. This, it is said, is the sort of beef genetics required to produce profits straight from pasture. […]

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Grass-fed beef by the numbers

Even EPDs have their place in genetic selection By Jim Munsch Coon Valley, Wisconsin—I am often asked about the best breed for grass-based beef production. Most grass-fed experts say that a high proportion of English genetics is important. I lean that way myself — we have Angus. But I always tell people that the specific […]

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Following the money in a grass-fed business

Analysis shows some surprising profit results from cow-calf and finishing after two winters By Tom Wrchota, Omro, Wisconsin — Grass-fed beef is hot. More and more people are questioning the safety and quality of conventional beef and are willing to pay premium prices for grass-fed even during this recession. While we’ve had to work a […]

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Selling grass-fed meat in tough economic times

Tom Wrchota, Omro, Wisconsin — The increase in unemployed, underemployed, and fearful Americans has certainly affected overall spending on food. Here at Cattleana Ranch, meat sales are off slightly from our all-time record high of 2008. A decline in the dollar volume of our chicken and meat CSA sales offset slight increases in our beef, […]

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Methods for calculating marketing costs

By Jim Munsch, Coon Valley, Wisconsin — Take a stroll through the meat market, do some math, and your first inclination is to say that direct marketing of beef will pay a producer. We farmers have been basically saying that for years. Ever since I can remember, I’ve heard uncles, cousins and neighbors complain about […]

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