A problem of distribution

Soil and yield testing showed shocking shortfalls in the back halves of paddocks By Daniel Olson So, I was sitting in my sister’s living room, admiring the newly purchased aerial photograph of their property. Their place is next to ours, so the main farm is also in the picture. You could clearly see the chicken […]

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Getting paid to graze

Natural land care gaining popularity By Janet McNally One path to making a living with livestock is to be paid to graze other people’s properties. This month I’ll feature two graziers in very different parts of the country who employ goats in custom-grazing businesses. Why goats? They are known for their ability to eat browse […]

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Allen Williams

Does pasture diversity matter?

Recent trials show it boosts production and aids health by Allen Williams, Ph.D. The vast majority of established pastures in the U.S. are dominated by what I would term a “near monoculture”, meaning that most of the forage yield, or biomass production, is obtained through two to three primary forages in the mix. Natural prairies […]

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Daniel Olson in field

Putting some numbers to cover crop benefits

By Daniel Olson Lena, Wisconsin—The benefits of annual cover crops, such as increased organic matter, soil porosity, and nitrogen creation, are well known. Over the past few years, pioneers in this field have championed “cocktail” mixes of a wide range of species, and they have achieved amazing results. Maybe it’s my inner researcher here, but […]

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Shake up your grazing!

The ‘principle of disruption’ can keep your pastures improving by Allen Williams, Ph.D. Progress can be a frustrating thing. In our search for improved soil health and forage productivity, we look to certain grazing “systems” as the key to improvement. Many of you have implemented some form of intensive grazing — management-intensive grazing (MiG), rotational […]

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Cows grazing green pastures

Why you might be green with envy

What is your neighbor doing that you aren’t? By Daniel Olson Lena, Wisconsin — I know this is just a figure of speech, but there are times when your neighbor’s pastures look greener than yours. Or at least they seem to be substantially better. We all know that he isn’t smarter than you (he probably […]

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