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To really market, you need the right processor

By Tom and Susan Wrchota, Omro, Wisconsin — If you want to sell a few head of grain-fed beef in sides and quarters, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a processor who can do the job for you. But if you want to target a high-end niche market for grass-finished beef in an effort to […]

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Grass-fed: with imports coming, it’s time to go local

By Jim Munsch, Coon Valley, Wisconsin — At a grazing meeting last month, I heard that fresh, grass-fed beef from Uruguay and other countries had shown up in Upper Midwest specialty food stores catering to the health conscious. The question that was being bantered about: “Why can’t that beef be produced in the U.S.?” Certainly […]

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Grass-fed beef: What’s possible, what isn’t

By Tom Wrchota, Omro, Wisconsin — Most of conventional agriculture treats productivity as the be-all, end-all for financially successful farming. Productivity is nothing more than measuring inputs and outputs, such as how many pounds of grain it takes to produce a pound of beef, pork, lamb, or chicken. So productivity is the study of how […]

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Year-round, Corn Belt grazing

Cliff Schuette employs annuals and fescue in 12-month beef grazing program   Breese, Illinois — “If you’re paying for the ground year-round, you might as well try to graze it year-round.” While Cliff Schuette’s rationale may be sound, this grass-farming grail is simply not attainable for northern graziers. Then again, Cliff and a few others […]

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One farm’s experience with the Salatin model

A look at Forks Farm’s 11 years of ‘grass-fed’ direct sales By Ruth Tonachel, Orangeville, Pennsylvania — It is a “Market Day” Saturday at Forks Farm, and there is clearly more than business transactions taking place. Todd Hopkins and her daughters Emily, Molly and Anna, greet customers by name and with hugs as they bag […]

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