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In Europe, it’s put your money in, get your raw milk out

In Europe, buying raw milk can be as simple as putting some money in a vending machine and filling a bottle. “In all of Europe you will find some form of milk machine,” said Sylvia Onusic, a nutritionist and food writer. The phenomenon started in Switzerland, and each European country establishes its own rules regarding […]

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Drawing the line using peasant wisdom

By Jim Van Der Pol Kerkhoven, Minnesota — We had been talking about the new dairy factories here in western Minnesota, my friend and I. We finished adding the 4,000 cows in the first one to the 10,000 in the next one, then the 10,000 cows in the just-completed one as well as the 10,000 […]

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Heidels with cows

Premiums welcomed, but not required

David just thinks A2 and no-grain are the most ‘ethical’ ways to make milk Random Lake, Wisconsin – The future of alternative dairy might well be on display on a small organic farm operated by a maverick 70-year old with a graduate degree in crop chemicals. David Heidel feeds no grain to his dairy animals […]

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Back issues

Individual back issues of Graze cost $5 apiece prepaid, including postage, for U.S. customers only. To order back issues, send a check for $5 per back issue to Graze, P.O. Box 48, Belleville, WI 53508. You can also order back issues through PayPal and credit card. Click on ‘add to cart’ for each issue you’d […]

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Turning dairy feeding wisdom on its head

Jim Gardiner adds molasses, but no grain, to great forage in making 16,000 lbs./cow Otselic, New York — Talk to Jim Gardiner for any length of time, and you’ll realize he is turning conventional dairy feeding wisdom almost completely on its well-established head. Jim says the ultra-fast breakdown of molasses in a cow’s rumen is […]

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One farm’s experience with the Salatin model

A look at Forks Farm’s 11 years of ‘grass-fed’ direct sales By Ruth Tonachel, Orangeville, Pennsylvania — It is a “Market Day” Saturday at Forks Farm, and there is clearly more than business transactions taking place. Todd Hopkins and her daughters Emily, Molly and Anna, greet customers by name and with hugs as they bag […]

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