About us

At Graze, we take a common-sense approach to grazing management and achieving life and business success on grass-based farms.

We practice what we preach, grazing dairy heifers on our small farm in southern Wisconsin.

Our philosophy with Graze is fairly simple: Let those who do the grazing do the talking. Over the years, we’ve found that success in grass-based livestock agriculture can be achieved at varying sizes and with a variety of management styles. Some of our readers raise animals entirely on grass and forages, while others feed some grain. There are no magic formulas for success, so we allow working farmers to air as many ideas as possible, and let our readers judge for themselves.

We do tap the knowledge of a few non-farming advisors who understand grazing and the tremendous potential it offers for these rapidly changing times. But when it comes down to it, Graze is about farmers talking to farmers. We’ve found that our readers like it that way, and we hope you’ll join them.


Joel and Ruth McNair