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Below are samples of our fleeces from 2003, shown here so you can see the variety of wool we offer. Current fleece samples are shown next to the sheep on the for sale page. We have arranged to have our wool sold by neighbor and friend Sandy Ryan of Homestead Wool and Gift Farm. Visit her site to see an array of beautiful wool and other items at http://www.homesteadwoolandgiftfarm.com/
Violet-This is her first shearing. Nice and long, crimpy. Dark brown with lighter tips. Violet's wool lock Violet's fleece
Misty-Very wavy, long wool. Nice luster. Misty's wool lock Misty's fleece
Laura-Very dark brown with lighter tips. Shorter than Violet's, but more definite crimp. Laura's wool lock Laura's fleece
Snowflake-A very nice, crimply long white fleece. Snowflake's wool lock Snowflake's fleece
Josefina-An extra long fleece, with an outstanding crimp, top to bottom. Nice luster. Josefina's wool lock Josefina's fleece