Solving the permanent pasture puzzle

By Nathan Weaver, Canastota, New York — Slowly the puzzle of proper grass production from semi-permanent pastures appears to be pieced together. In the last decade we removed our farm from a forage/grain operation to a forage-only farm. We placed a heavy emphasis on forage harvestable by grazing cows. Initially we looked at the new […]

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Opitz on grazing: Keeping up with spring grass

Spring pasture management may be the most difficult task in farming. The weather is so variable that a management tactic based on calendar dates and specific strategies that worked last year may fail miserably this year. Grass availability can turn from shortage to surplus in the space of a few days, and it can rain […]

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Managing for birds … and profit

By Laura Paine, Portage, Wisconsin — One of the small pleasures of grass farming is watching and listening to the songbirds that share our farms in spring and summer. Grassland songbirds don’t do anything for the bottom line, but they can be indicators of environmental health. If our farms are capable of sustaining not only […]

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The ABCs of streambank grazing

Ralph Lentz promotes the benefits of mixing cows and creeks Lake City, Minnesota — To Ralph Lentz, the answer to the question of whether stream banks should be grazed is as simple as A-B-C. In Ralph’s case, the cliché is literally true, and plain as day. Over the years he has divided his farm’s stretch […]

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Intake more important than quality

And other thoughts from 20 years of grazing research Jim Gerrish has learned a thing or two about grazing during some 20 years of poking around pastures. For many years Gerrish has been the lead researcher at the University of Missouri’s Forage Systems Research Center at Linneus, which is generally recognized as the premier grazing […]

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The art of grazing

No one produces milk cheaper and easier than Art Thicke. No one ignores grazing fads more than Art Thicke. Is there a link here? Art Thicke believes that too many graziers have lost sight of what really makes grazing work La Crescent, Minnesota — How does any grazier — especially that segment with “what works” […]

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