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Feed the world? It’s up to us peasants

By Joel McNair I’ve a dairy grazing friend who has long thought of himself as being nothing more than a peasant. A rather interesting view, I’ve thought, given that this man has made a fair amount of money operating at a scales far beyond those of the traditional midwestern dairy farmer. His house is nicer […]

The grass cow: Don’t fall for promises of breeding shortcuts

By Greg Palen The numbers game in dairy genetic selection began when the AI industry switched to frozen, storable semen in the 1960s, thus providing a true choice of sires. This was the beginning of the genetic horse race for the best sires, and the long battle to define the word “best.” Fads came and […]

Allen Williams

The future of grassfed: Laying out the promise and challenges

By Dr. Allen Williams The U.S. grassfed market has grown significantly over the past 15 years. According to data compiled by the Wallace Center of the Winrock Foundation, retail sales of domestically produced grassfed beef were less than $5 million in 1998, with only about 100 beef producers actively involved in grassfed beef production. By […]

Healthy soil

Our five-step plan for healthier soils

By Gabe Brown I want to start by telling everyone up front that I am not a soil scientist. I am a farmer/rancher who has spent the last 20 years working to improve the soil resource on my operation. I have tried doing this in a myriad of ways, with some successes and many “learning […]

Van Amburgh heifers and dry cows

Breeding within for no-grain dairy success

Van Amburghs happy with what a single bull has done for them By Tracy Frisch Sharon Springs, New York — After starting with a bunch of sick and undistinguished cows, organic dairy farmers Paul and Phyllis Van Amburgh are bucking conventional wisdom in their breeding and heifer-rearing programs to create a more efficient, uniform and […]

The profit key: working within your farm

By Jon Bansen Monmouth, Oregon—At the latest American Forage and Grasslands Council meeting, the buzz was about increasing profitability by extending the grazing season. Although one piece of the puzzle, it’s also true that increased days on pasture can come at a high price if soils and plant health are degraded. In reality, the true […]