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Land salmon? Grassfed lamb’s Omega-3s shine

By Janet McNally Hinckley, Minnesota—While doing research on diet and health, I found an article describing lamb as “land salmon.” The author claimed this title was earned because the omega-6:omega-3 ratio of lamb is closer to salmon than any other domestic meat. Both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are important to our health. But modern […]

Gunthorp and his Durocs

The fame and struggles of Gunthorp Farms

Serving high-end restaurants isn’t always easy LaGrange, Indiana — Gunthorp Farms is famous. Superstar chefs laud the farm’s pork in big-city magazines and food publications. The name Gunthorp is all over the menu at Frontera Grill, one of Chicago’s best-known and most decorated restaurants. Big-time politicians in three states have bestowed honors, and Gunthorp Farms […]

Heidels with cows

Premiums welcomed, but not required

David just thinks A2 and no-grain are the most ‘ethical’ ways to make milk Random Lake, Wisconsin – The future of alternative dairy might well be on display on a small organic farm operated by a maverick 70-year old with a graduate degree in crop chemicals. David Heidel feeds no grain to his dairy animals […]

Janet McNally with lambs

If you want to build topsoil, try bale grazing

By Janet McNally Hinckley, Minnesota—In past articles I’ve described how much more productive my managed pastures have been compared to the continuously grazed pasture right across the fence line. I’ve also told how much more productive and drought-tolerant my pastures have become since I moved toward a mob-grazing system with more frequent moves and longer […]

Pigs graze in the woods

Trees and pasture can grow together

Silvopasture important part of diversified Forks Farm grazing By Tracy Frisch Orangeville, Pennsylvania— For many graziers, the woodlot is a place where the livestock end up when they break through the fence. For others, it’s a poorly managed shade lounge for hot summer afternoons. For John Hopkins, trees represent a natural extension of his pasture […]

Allen Williams

Selecting cattle for finishing on grass

By Allen Williams, Ph.D. Over the past three months we have looked at the basics of seedstock genetic selection for producing the kind of cattle that are capable of meeting the demands of the grassfed beef market. This month we will concentrate on selecting for the stocker or feeder cattle that we are actually going […]